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When I began writing A Rogue In Texas, I envisioned Grayson Rhodes as being more dark and mysterious than his two friends, Harry and Kit, but as often happens with characters, he wouldnt cooperate.

He wanted to be more fun. It wasnt until I was nearing the end of his story that I realized Kit was the tortured soul. Unraveling his secret was a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed in NEVER MARRY A COWBOY.

Kit needed a special heroine, and she introduced herself in Harrys story, Never Love A Cowboy. Ashton Robertson falls in love with Kit the moment she meets him, but he pays little attention to her. Kit lives in his own personal hell until Ashtons brother presents Kit with an unorthodox requestmarry Ashton and have only one night with her. But Kit quickly discovers that one night with Ashton isnt enough

He touched the ribbon holding her hair in place. She felt two slight tugs, and then he was wrapping the lavender silk around his finger. It seemed such an intimate gesture, as unsettling as if hed loosened her buttons and removed her dress. Dont bind your hair, he ordered gently. He cradled her cheek and slowly leaned toward her. His eyes darkened, his lips parted

Her gentle beauty and fiery spirit are a balm to his wounded heart. As he devises opportunities to prolong their time together, he realizes he must face his past in order to possess her love.

I have enjoyed writing about my Englishmen. They adjusted well to Texas, and Im not quite ready to let them go. I have plans to give them cameo appearances in future stories. I hope youll continue to enjoy visiting with them.

You can write to me at PO BOX 250034, Plano, TX 75025-0034 or at LorraineHe@aol. com. Visit my website: /heath.htm.

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