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Tina Leonard

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Never Say Never

I have always been a writer, whether it was competing in Spanish poetry or composing letters to the editor for my hometown paper. I dreamed of being a professional writer. In college, I declared my major in communications-and swiftly discovered I could not write. Not well enough to get better than a grade of D. I liked to write, but it obviously wasn't going to get me a cap and gown. So I switched majors.

I graduated, worked in a few different states, got married and started a family. When my daughter turned two, I knew I needed to start staying at home, but I felt like I needed something else to keep my interests fresh.

"Write a book," my grandmother suggested. ...A book?

"A romance novel. You've been reading them all your life," she continued.

True. But how could I write one when I couldn't even impress a professor?

One cold gray day when the sky was tossing small spits of rain, my husband and I were driving to A&M University to watch a football game. "I'm going to write a book," I told him. "I've decided to give it a try."

He pulled into a roadside gas station, coming back out with a 99piral. I wrote all during the drive, and after the game (A&M won), I wrote all the way home.

That was five years (eight college tries, or eight manuscripts) ago. I've had two books published and will see a third out this summer. We've graduated from spiral to a computer with a nice printer.

Maybe you're thinking that I've sent that professor my books. But I'm afraid I don't remember his name. The happy ending is that I'm doing what I love to do, and I have my kids, my husband, my grandmother-all those people who did believe in me.

Write to me at 1506 Broadmoor Dr., Richardson, Texas 75082-3034.

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