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Heather G. Pozzessere

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Ive always loved castles and the idea that history might remain shrouded in their ancient stone walls, that ghosts might walk their corridorsthat something special, and just a touch frightening, hovers in the air. By nature, castles should be haunted. And in a castle, its easy to wonder if things happen by accident, by spirits or by murder (most foul, of course). Bringing a castle into a contemporary story was a good idea to mehaving the past as part of the present seemed a wonderful concept.

Never Sleep With Strangers is a contemporary murder mystery which takes place in an old Scottish castle. It was tremendously fun to write, and for characters I used a group of people with whom Im fairly familiarwriters!

Jon Stuart is an established bestselling mystery novelist, a handsome, Scottish-American with roots still in the old country. Brooding and intriguing, hes a natural hero. With a medieval Scottish castle at his disposal, he enjoys hosting a mystery week every now and again, inviting his contemporaries to solve a mystery and to write a story. Together, these tales comprise a book, with proceeds going to charity.

Sabrina Holloway is just starting out, just learning, when she meets Jon. Attraction flares between them and an affair quickly follows, only to end when Jons ex-flame arrives on the scene.

Cassandra is spoiled, beautiful, dramatic and literally swoops down on Sabrina. Young and uncertain, Sabrina disappears from the playing field before Jon even knows that shes gone. Cassandra and Jon are later married, and Sabrina, too, falls for another writer, her marriage soon ending in divorce.

Cassandra ends her marriage, too, but quite differentlyshe dies.

Did she jump from her balcony at the castle, or was she pushed? Jon comes under suspicion and is barely cleared. And though he is convinced that it was murder, the only way to catch the killer is to reset the scene.

So, years later, another mystery week is planned and this time, Sabrina Holloway will be there. Her ex-husband is in attendance, along with some good friends (and some good enemies). All of them had good reason to hate Cassandra Stuart.

Despite her fears that shes falling in love all over again with a man who might have killed his first wife, Sabrina cant help but believe in him and comes to his defense. Naturally, she finds herself in mortal danger. If theyre ever to have a future, she and Jon must unearth the secrets of the past.

Its a dark and stormy night, the houseful of mystery writers is snowbound. Theres an ancient crypt, a chamber of horrors in another part of the dungeons, and once againtheres murder most foul. With corpses, secret passageways, dark corridors and more, Sabrina learns a most important lesson: never sleep with strangers.

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