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Betrayal, redemption, the triumph of love over seemingly impossible odds. These are the emotionally charged themes running through NEVER TOO LATE, the story of Scott ODonnell and Mariana Reyes, who meet and fall in love in a Central American country Ive called San Marcos.

The mythical San Marcos is the perfect setting for this story, because I wanted a place where the laws of contemporary American society mean nothing. Its a repressive country where women must obey their fathers and husbands and where government officials can murder and torture people at their own discretion.

Growing up in this restricted environment, Mariana knew she must marry the man her father had chosen for her. Still, she was unable to resist the joy she found in Scotts arms. Then government officials told her the only way she could save Scotts life was to help them arrest him.

The novel opens six years later as Mariana travels to Miami in a desperate attempt to save her own life and that of the daughter she knows Scott wont believe is his.

Scott and Marianas story was in my head for a long time. The challenge was to deal sympathetically with a heroine forced to betray the man she loves and a hero steeped in anger and resentment for six years. Not only must Scott forgive Mariana and accept partial responsibility for what happened to him, he must learn to love the daughter he never knew existed.

NEVER TOO LATE re-introduces several favorite Light Street characters from my 43 Light Street Series. And readers get to meet the sexy hero of the next Light Street book, Matthew Forester, the new man at Randolph Security. In AMANDAS CHILD, readers
will get to see both the tough and tender sides of his personality when he comes to the rescue of Amanda Barnwell, a woman who needs his help more than she knows.

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