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Kathleen Eagle

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Kathleen Eagle Delivers With: THE NIGHT REMEMBERS

The Night Remembers began to take shape when I spotted a newspaper article about a man who'd been discovered living underground for three years in a park in downtown Minneapolis. His snug burrow, neatly outfitted with hand-crafted furnishings, looked like something from the TV version of "Beauty and the Beast." His story inspired me to create Jesse Brown Wolf, a man whose troubled past and blinding headaches have driven him to lead a double life. By day, he's a handyman. At night, he prowls the city streets, heading off whatever trouble he encounters-especially when a child is threatened.

Twelve-year-old Tommy T, a resourceful homeless kid, discovers the mysterious man's underground hideaway and imagines him as one of the heroes he creates in his cartoon sketches. Together they befriend Angela Prescott, a woman on the run from an abusive relationship, and Tommy T's cartoon creation becomes Angela's night visitor.

This is a story about finding heroes in our own backyard, our own building, neighborhood school (I used the school where my husband teaches as a model), maybe even beneath the roots of the trees that grow in our own park. Mystical threads from the American Indian tales of Coyote and Fox, along with the timeless appeal of "Beauty and the Beast," are woven into a story that is truly grounded in the hard realities of modern urban life.

Ultimately, this is a love story about building family and community, about people taking charge of their own lives.

Here's an excerpt:

She didn't exactly want him in her bed. Just close by. She wanted him to come close and be close. It was up to her to decide how close. But she had to go to sleep first. Like all good spirits who did their magic at night, he wouldn't come until everyone in the house was fast asleep.

"I'm sleeping," she muttered, she had no idea how much later. Time played no part in her dreams.

"You talk in your sleep. Did you know that?"

She smiled in her sleep, too. "I talk in my dreams. Everyone does."

"Then talk to me, Angela. Tell me what you're afraid of."

She groaned. "If I talk about that then this dream will be ruined."

"I can protect you," he said, his voice coming closer, and, yes, she wanted it closer still.

The Night Remembersis my first hardcover release from Avon Books. The cover is embossed with my signature, the dust jacket is a gorgeous shade of blue, and they're holding the price down to $16 to encourage my readers to give me a try in hardcover.

Visit me at Write to me c/o Midwest Fiction Writers, P.O. Box 47888, Plymouth, MN 55447 (SASE appreciated) or e-mail me at

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