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With 30 books between them, including both national and New York Times bestsellers, Kat and Larry Jay Martin are an amazing duo. A unique team, the married couple travels together all over the world to scout out settings for their successful books, and offer writing, brainstorming and editing support to each other.

Now, in a remarkable career parallel, Kat and Larry both have new novels out, on sale May. Kats new release is NIGHT SECRETS, a romantic historical set in an English seaport, and Larry has just published Sounding Drum, a powerhouse suspense novel about a forgotten land deed issued to the Native American community.

Residing just outside of Missoula, Montana, the couple enjoys the scenic beauty of the West in between travelling and writing. The Martins often take their his-and-hers snowmobiles for joyrides over the snow-kissed Montana terrain, and enjoy horseback riding, skiing and fly fishing. Larry, an avid photographer of the outdoors, uses computer technology to develop the photos he takes of
the gorgeous scenery near their recently completed palatial mountain lodge.

The couple are a long way from where their own romance
blossomed in Southern California. Larry had just begun writing full time in 1985 and I was in real estate, looking for a career change and a change of scenery, Kat recalls. I helped Larry edit his book
but Id never written one myself. Each night before I fell asleep, I asked myself What will I do next? The answer soon became obvious. She decided to begin writing thrilling, romantic, historical novels of her own. Today, Kat Martins star is quickly rising up the list of the hottest romance writers. Her rich characters, exotic locales and compelling storylines set her apart from the rest. With more than five million copies of her books in
print and several New York Times and national bestsellers, Kat is seducing fans all over the world.

Her creative tales are rooted in history, as Kat has always felt a deep connection to the past. As an anthropology and history major
at the University of California, she fed her imagination with faraway places and intriguing people, most notably, those of 19th-century England, a subject on which she became an expert.

Her new book, published by St. Martins Press, features a hero and heroine in Regency England who face what many of us in the 20th century do: the choice between love and work. Ship
captain Marcus Delaine, the Earl
of Hawksmoor, whose only passion has been the sea, meets a captivating tavern maid and soon learns that true love conquers all.

Often Kats protagonists find themselves at that crossroad, choosing between their hearts and heads, much the way the author did when she became
a writer. Kat took a leap from a safe career in real estate into the unknown, and like her characters, she wasnt sure what the future would have in store for her. I see my heroines as ordinary women who have extraordinary experiences, she says.

Braving the unknown is a tradition in Kats family. As a child, she would listen to her grandmother tell stories of her days in
a wild west show. Kats grandmother was one of the first female jockeys, a pioneer, accomplishing daredevil feats that few women dared to attempt. Her father was a team roper in the rodeo and her uncle a famous rodeo clown. As a result, the Martins have a deep love for the great traditions of the American West.

Those traditions have long been a staple of Larrys classic Western novels. But five years after his last release, Larry says he recognizes the changes in the western genre and jests that for SOUNDING DRUM, his first contemporary, he dressed his Indians in Armani. Though the fast-paced Manhattan setting is not exactly traditional, Larry plumbed the depths of his own Western heritage, using his roots to create an original new hero. Placing himself inside the mindset of his distant Native American ancestors, Larry managed to create an engrossing thriller. More than ever before, Ive put
my heart in a novel, into the mind of a man who has a quest.

With an ingenious, under-utilized premise and point of view, Sounding Drum is already garnering rave reviews, from Western and thriller authors, as well as romance fans, like best-selling author Heather Graham. Graham called the book real and engrossingintriguing and meticulously researcheda page-turner. Its clear that Larry will soon be adding more romance readers to his long list of admiring fans.

Romance readers may recall that the couple did in fact collaborate on one romance novel many years ago, titled Ten Angels. It was a long time ago but it was really a lot of fun, Kat remembers.

The couple has since been forging dynamic separate careers. With their two newest novels, Kat and Larry Martin once again take us on magical rides of suspense and intrigue touched with the sweetness of romance. Surely, in this case, two heads are better than one.

Ms. Martins last book, Wicked Promises, spent three weeks on the
USA Today bestseller list and hit the New York Times bestseller list as well. NIGHT SECRETS is sure to pick
up where
Wicked Promises left off, entertaining and engrossing readers the world over. Kat Martin is also published in
Germany, Norway, Sweden, China, Russia, Bulgaria, England, South Africa, Italy, and Spain. Visit her website

Larry has previously published nine traditional Westerns and a historical novel. He loves to hear from readers! Also, he is offering any bookstore an 11 x 17 autographed poster and autographed bookplates. You can visit Larrys website at, or e-mail him at
You can write to both Larry and Kat at 1001 E. Broadway, Box 2-414, Missoula, MT 59802.

To Readers From Kat

Im excited to be bringing you NIGHT SECRETS, one of my most romantic stories. Many of you may remember the old song, Brandy, about the tavern maid and the sailor who loved the sea (Brandy youre a fine girl, what a good wife you would be) Whenever I heard that
song, which I loved, I always felt sad. I ached for Brandy and wanted her story to have a happy ending. I thought, what would it take to make a man like that give up his life at sea for a woman?

After years of pondering, the story finally came to me. Of course, my hero is no simple sailor. Hes Captain Marcus Delaine, Earl of Hawksmoor. And Brianna is no ordinary tavern maid, though she starts out that way. Through the trials she faces, Brianna grows into a woman of strength and passion, a woman Marcus is attracted to beyond anything he can imagine. And yet, he believes there can
be no future for themhis life, his mistress, he believes, is the sea.

I hope youll join me to discover what Marcus learns about life and love in NIGHT SECRETS.

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