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Tami Hoag

Book Title: NIGHT SINS
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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We're all afraid of something. Often we're afraid of the unknown. Yet sometimes the fear has a familiar face.

Readers probably don't know this, but writers live in a near-constant state of fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear that we won't be taken seriously, fear that we will be taken seriously, fear that we worry too much, fear that we don't worry enough-the list is endless. As a group, we're hopelessly neurotic.

When the powers that be at Bantam told me they had decided to publish my 1994 release Night Sins as a big-time hardcover suspense novel, my immediate fear was that no one would fork out twenty bucks for it. After all, who was I in the scheme of big-time hardcover novelists? I had nightmares about selling the book out of the trunk of the car I would be living in after my career crashed and burned on the rocky road to best-seller-dom.

Well, February rolled around and Night Sins hit the shelves. I've never been so happy to be wrong. Not only did readers buy Night Sins, they bought enough copies to put it on four major national bestseller lists, including the Wall Street Journal.

Night Sins will hit the stands in paperback in early December. Part psychological suspense, part police procedural mystery, Night Sins is a mainstream thriller with all the expected nail-biting, page-turning power promised on the back cover. But the book also has the complex personal relationships and strong romantic element that readers have come to expect from me.

Set in the fictitious rural Minnesota college town of Deer Lake, the plot revolves around the search for a missing child. With each passing hour the search for Josh Kirkwood takes on a more ominous intensity. For heroine Megan O'Malley, the new regional officer of the state criminal investigative unit, it is the first test of whether she can cut it in the all-male world of local cops. For the hero, police chief Mitch Holt, it is an unwelcome and frightening reminder of the big city crime that devastated his life before he found sanctuary in Deer Lake. And all the while someone watches, preparing the next move in a deadly game to which only he knows the rules...

For those of you who have already become involved in the lives of the people of Deer Lake and are holding your breath, wondering if the criminal court system will deliver justice, be on the lookout for Guilty As Sin, a Bantam hardcover on sale in early February.


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