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Emily March

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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If you’ve read any of my Eternity Springs books, you might have picked up on the fact that I am a dog person. Dogs play a significant role in the lives of my characters. In Angel’s Rest, a lost boxer leads to the meeting between the hero, Gabe Callahan, and the heroine, town veterinarian Nic Sullivan. In Hummingbird Lake, a tiny white Bichon Friese helps advance the romance between Colt Rafferty and Sage Anderson. In my new release, Nightingale Way, the rescue of a whippet lands Cat Blackburn and her girlfriends in…well…let me just say trouble.

I have a soft spot for rescued dogs. Four years ago, my husband and I adopted our beloved boxer, Doc, from a local rescue group. I’ll admit he wasn’t beloved from the moment he arrived at my house—he walked through the front door and into my dining room where he had explosive diarrhea. But he’d been scheduled to get the needle, so we agreed to foster him until he was healthy and ready for adoption. By that time, we’d fallen in love. He became our first “foster failure.”

Then the rescue group—those sneaky devils—lured us to make room for another foster dog in our household by emailing photos of dogs on death row. Since Doc came into our lives, we’ve fostered twelve dogs, dealt with eleven cases of heartworm, three broken limbs, a broken hip, and one litter of pups. What makes the effort so worthwhile—and, admittedly, a little bit heartbreaking—is finding those foster babies their forever homes with adoring new families. The joy in the new owners’ expressions and the excited wag of tails makes my heart sing.

As a foster mom, I get to choose the names of the dogs that we spring from the pound. Between dogs, kids, and characters, I’ve chosen a lot of names through the years. When I bring a new dog into Eternity Springs, I like to go to my Facebook page and ask for help naming the new addition. Wow. People really do love to talk about their pets! I get suggestions not just for names, but for breeds, too. Because I have a running gag in Hummingbird Lake, where Sage dresses up her puppy in costumes just to disgust Colt, I even get suggestions from readers about what costume to dress Snowdrop in. It’s a lot of fun.

That shared love for four-legged friends (yes, cats count too <g>) and the enjoyment I’ve had discussing it with readers gave me the idea to start the Eternity Springs Kennel Club. It’s a special section of my website at for people to upload photos of their pets and tell us a little bit about them. I invite you all visit and share your pet tales!

I also hope you’ll read Nightingale Way and discover what Jack Davenport does with the dog that his ex-wife had with her when he kidnapped her.

Happy reading,

- Emily March

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