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"My readers seem to love gothics and have begged me for years to write more of them," says Rebecca Brandewyne, author of the popular and oft-reissued Highclyffe Hall books, Upon a Moon-Dark Moor and Across a Starlit Sea. Brandewyne has happily obliged her readers with a brand-new gothic from Mira, The Ninefold Key.

The September release has many of the genre's tried-and-true elements: a family curse, a spooky castle on Loch Ness, mysterious goings-on, lovers in search of
their destinies, even a Gypsy fortuneteller. Brandewyne, who enjoys researching and studying arcana and esoterica, also explores the issue of free will vs. fate, "whether one's fate is 'written in the stars'" at birth and therefore unchangeable, whether it's free will alone that determines one's destiny "or whether it's a combination of both fate and free will that creates the road map of one's life journey."

Brandewyne doesn't need a fortuneteller to divine that there are gothics in her future—some with ties to her past. She's currently at work on The Crystal Rose, another Victorian-set novel, which will be released by Mira. After that, she'll write the
long-anticipated final book in the Highclyffe Hall trilogy, Beneath a Sun-Gold Sky. The author is in the process of re-acquiring the rights to the first two books so that they can be reissued by Mira when the concluding book is published.

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