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Shannon K. Butcher

Book Title: NO CONTROL
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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To Market, To Market ...


It might be said that Shannon K. Butcher owes her romance writing career --
at least slightly -- to Julie Garwood. The wife of famed urban fantasy writer Jim Butcher had spent years reading
textbooks (while getting an engineering degree) and science fiction/fantasy. But
in 1998, she picked up Garwood's Gentle Warrior, and her love affair with romance was born.

"When I started learning to write, I started with historicals because that was what I was reading," she says. "Then I read some contemporaries and did some market research." She saw that romantic suspense was selling, so she began to focus on that.

While her path may have been solidified, the road was anything but smooth. Butcher estimates that she started some 36 novels, and completed eight of them, before she
finally sold her first book ,
the romantic suspense No Regrets, which was published last year. Her follow-up is this month's No Control (Forever), about special-ops hero Caleb Stone and Lana Hancock. To say that these two have real issues to overcome on their way to love is an understatement -- he was undercover trying to stop a terrorist attack, while Lana was held hostage and tortured by the group he infiltrated.

No Control, she explains, is "an interesting study in forgiveness.

"It's less about forgiving and forgetting, and more about forgiving and loving in spite of the fact that terrible things have happened," Butcher continues, noting that the premise "may make some people uncomfortable, but that's
why it's also intriguing."

As for what's next, Butcher, who is between contracts at the moment, is busy broadening her writing skills again by working on a paranormal romance and offers this advice to aspiring writers: "Just don't give up. It's difficult to keep going, especially when you get rejected or people say this is not going to sell, but it's the people who keep going who get published."

After 36 false starts, Butcher's living proof of that.

-- Faygie Levy

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