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Jordan Dane

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Jordan Dane


"I'm grinning all the time. I'm just so thrilled," Jordan Dane says about Avon's back-to-back release of her first three romantic suspense novels.

The first, No One Heard Her Scream, out this month, is a stand-alone and Dane's debut novel. It will be followed in May by No One Left to Tell, which was a Golden Heart finalist, and its sequel, No One Lives Forever, in June.

Set in the author's hometown of San Antonio, Texas,
No One Heard is the story of police detective Rebecca Montgomery. In the wake of her high school-age sister's disappearance and presumed death, Rebecca gets entangled in a case that descends into the seedy world of human trafficking, accompanied by a man she's not sure she can trust.

As part of her research, Dane took part in a 45-hour
citizens police academy training course. Once a week for
15 weeks, the author and her fellow trainees shadowed crime scene techs, spent a day at a firing range trying
different weapons and "blowing stuff up with the bomb squad," among other activities.

Dane wrote the book in six weeks while on medical leave after an operation -- she likes to joke that she
"sacrificed a body part for my manuscript."

At the time, her local Romance Writers of America
chapter was running a book-completion incentive
program: Veteran author Sharon Sala, who is also a
member, offered to read and critique any completed
mystery manuscript. Sala devoured Dane's in a single
sitting, introduced the fledgling writer to her agent,
and the rest is publishing history.

Now Dane is hard at work on her next series, which she describes as "more thriller oriented," with its focus on women in different law enforcement positions.

-- Stephanie Klose

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