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Shannon Drake

Book Title: NO OTHER MAN
Genre: Historical Romance

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No Other Man

When I sat down to write NO OTHER MAN, I wanted to capture the excitement and passion of the untamed frontier. I wanted you, the reader, to experience the wild, wild west as if you were there during this truly romantic, yet dangerous time.

I wanted to give you a story like no other. Here's a sneak preview...

When fingers touched her cheek, Skylar shrieked, bolting up in the bed, fighting instinctively.

The lodge was cast in shadow; the fire had burned to embers. She could scarcely see in the gloom of the cabin but she was aware of the imposing figure first standing over her, then straddling her as he captured her arms and pinned them down, staring down at her.

"Is it just me? Or do you scream and attempt to pummel everyone who comes near you, Lady Douglas?"

It was him. The Indian was back. Atop her again. Mocking her again.

Perhaps even more bitterly now...

"You startled me," she said.

"Oh, not quite as much as you've startled me!" he murmured.

"You're-crushing me."

"Am I?"


He released her, and rose. He turned away from her, a large, dark shadow moving in the hazy light of the lodge. It was morning, Skylar thought. Or else it was early evening once again. She had slept long and deeply, and still she was tired.

He stoked the fire with a poker, and added a log. Sparks flew; the fire once again began to blaze anew but remained subdued.

He didn't bother with the leftover coffee. He took the whiskey bottle from the shelf and leaned an arm upon the mantle, staring at her for a moment, then gulping down large swallows of amber liquid from the bottle, then staring at her again.

"You are my wife!" he grated out, emphasizing the last word as if it were a loathsome thing. Skylar sat up, trying to smooth down her hair, trying to hold her robe together with dignity.

"I'm-sorry," she murmured coolly. She lowered her eyes, realizing the truth of her predicament. Yet, surely, there was some way out of it.

Except, she realized suddenly, if there were, she couldn't take it! She didn't dare accept any way out-and back east. No matter what, she had to stay here in the Dakota Territory. She had to remain Lady Douglas. For the time being, at least...

Watch out for NO OTHER WOMAN in June '96, and NO OTHER LOVE in February '97, both from Avon Books.

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