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I am fascinated by the people left behind. By that I mean the people who live through difficult times and rough upbringings yet somehow manage to survive and thrive. This interest likely comes from my love of reading true crime and then trying to piece together why people do what they do…not that I ever truly figure that last part out. 

While my new contemporary romance series has nothing to do with suspense and is not a romantic suspense (at all!) the "left behind" interest inspired it. You hear about criminals and serial killers and all these people who do terrible things. That led me to wonder about the kids of those terrible people. In the Hanover Brother series, I wanted to write about the sons of an infamous con artist – think someone of the notoriety of Bernie Madoff – and deal with what happens to these brothers as they live in their father's criminal shadow. There's the fallout from being saddled with a bad parent, the stress of being insular and learning to depend only on each other, the reality of having people point fingers and wonder if the criminal activities are somehow genetic, and the mess that dad's actions causes for the family structure.

It's a serious topic but I thought it could be funny, heartwarming and sexy. There are secrets and trust issues.  And, of course, poor middle son Declan in No Turning Back ends up falling for the exact wrong woman — the daughter of one of his father's first victims. The series gives me the chance to look at these guys as they struggle to overcome their dad's reputation and become the men they're supposed to be. The series tagline says it all:

The Hanover brothers inherited some bad behavior from their con artist father. Now three strong women will make honest men out of them.

Because, really, what's better than a combination of redemption, love and trust?

- HelenKay Dimon

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