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Andrea Kane

Book Title: NO WAY OUT
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Life for me these days has been as hectic as that of one of my protagonists! I moved to a newer, bigger office (my old office was bursting at the seams), and Im up to my neck in boxes and reference books as I tackle the overwhelming process of settling in. The wonderful part is that I designed my office with lots of open space, tons of bookshelves, and a panorama of windows allowing maximum sunlight. I plan on spending
long hours at the computer creating my novelsas soon as I can find my desk!

In the meantime, Im very excited about the release of NO WAY OUT. Its
a contemporary romantic thriller that combines emotion, suspense, and the powerful kinds of relationships I love to create.

Here is an excerpt of the opening chapter of NO WAY OUT. I hope it whets your appetite.

She exited the stairwell on the eleventh floor, where shed wedged her car into the only available parking spacea space that, thankfully, was far away from the opening day pandemonium.

The screech of tires was what alerted her.

Her chin came up just as the silver Mercedes blasted around the corner.

She knew she was its target. She also knew why.

Her hunch had been right. And she was about to be silenced.

A frozen moment of fear paralyzed her. Abruptly, it shattered. A surge of adrenaline jolted through her, and she tried to jump out of the way.

She couldnt make it.

She felt the stunning impact, and then a dazed awareness as she was hurled through the air.

Brian, she thought, shards of pain piercing her skull. Whos going to save Brian?

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