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Patricia Rice

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Take a Chance on Lovewith NOBODYS ANGEL Patricia Rice

by Laurie Davie

Take one former trophy wife and one ex-con who was framed for embezzlement. Toss them together in a wild search for the missing accounts, add a sizzling attraction, an ex-husband who mayor may notbe back from the dead, and one vengeful mistress, and youve got Patricia Rices newest suspenseful, sexy romance, NOBODYS ANGEL.

When Faith Nicholls finds out her husband, Tony, is cheating on herin more ways than oneshe cleans out their joint accounts, moves to a new town, and creates a brand-new life. Along the way, she transforms herself from a bored, pampered socialite into a dynamic, self-made woman who owns her own gallery and sings in a country & western band. Faiths story was inspired by an item Patricia saw on the TV news about a CEOs wife whod devoted her life to promoting her husbands career, and just when she thought she could sit back and enjoy the benefits, he divorced her and insisted she had no rights to his fortune. She was back on the streets with no education, nothing, and Im sitting there sayingIdiot! If shed had any brains, she would have cashed in everything andBingo! Faith was born.

When Tonys plane crashes, Adrian is left holding the bag, as
it was hisforgedsignature that perpetrated the fraud. Adrian
is desperate to prove himself innocent of the embezzling charges that sent him to prison and took away his license to practice law. He goes looking for the spoiled society wife that Faith used to be, and boy, is he in for a surprise. The new Faith is a sexy, self-assured woman, and though at first he thinks shes the one who set him up and skipped with the cash, he still cant help feeling powerfully attracted to her. But can this betrayed, embittered man trust his heart?

In creating Adrian, I put a lot of my righteous anger about a system that throws away those who are different from the majority, Pat explains. I tried to work it out in my headwith Adrians help. Thats one of the many reasons I have to write. Id probably explode without it!

For Faith, a seemingly fragile woman with a spine of pure steel, Patricia drew on memories of so many great women, my mother included, who lived difficult lives but managed to turn them around with sheer force of willpower. Its amazing what a person can do when they open their eyes to the sources around them, and make that first courageous decision to break with whatever is holding them down and step out on their own. The human spirit is a joy to behold. This sentiment is really at the heart of NOBODYS ANGEL. Pat concludes, These characters changed their lives by banishing all the rhetoric of what were supposed to do and be and act. They worked out what worked for them, within the worlds they chose for themselves. I think I may be showing a little bit of what Ive done for myself, taking the reins of my life in my own hands and galloping off with my own direction, instead of what people told me to do.

Choosing a career as a writer was one of those life-changing risks that paid off. Pat, whos also a certified public accountant, explains that Ive scribbled stories in notebooks since elementary school Ive always been a writer, its what inspired me to be a CPA thats the question! The kicker here is that I sold my first book the same week that I took my first job as an accountant.

Whats up next for Patricia, whose versatile career has spanned contemporaries, long historicals and Regencies? Her next book, out in July 01, is a historical called ALL A WOMAN WANTS, about a shy Victorian spinster who has been pampered all her life in a rural Cotswold town, and is suddenly thrust into the real world at the death of her father. The real world rolls over her in the form of a blustering giant who believes in progress at any cost, until the day hes forced to rely on the awkward aid of a lady who doesnt know what to make of him. Its great fun!

Fans can write to Patricia in care of Ballantine/Ivy Books, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, or visit her website at

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