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Tina Wainscott

Book Title: NOW YOU SEE ME
Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

A Tale of Inspiration

"Who could resist this face?" asks romantic suspense author Tina Wainscott. Considering that Denise Simond's seizure alert dog, Stasia, has found her way into Tina's October release for St. Martin's, NOW YOU SEE ME, apparently Tina couldn't. "I met Denise Simonds at the 2000 RT convention in Houston and immediately bonded with her and Stasia," she says. After Tina met the pair, the premise of NOW YOU SEE ME came together in her mind. "I just had to see Stasia as my heroine's guide dog, even though she's not a standard guide dog breed. I asked Denise if I could honor her and Stasia by using her in the book, and she graciously agreed."

NOW YOU SEE ME tells the story of a woman who lost her sight after a traumatic childhood incident, but gained extrasensory perception. Olivia's ability to connect psychically becomes the only hope of saving a
kidnapped eight-year-old girl. Both Olivia and the detective on the case, Max Callahan, have a past linked to the kidnapper.

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