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Going out on my own has given me a new burst of creative energy, Ruth says. For this debut book, I wanted an especially riveting hero, and I found Hunter, a man with no last name.

Handsome, strong, and a modern warrior capable of being a one-man death squad, Hunter is also touchingly vulnerable and endearingly innocent. From the moment psychologist Kathryn Kelley meets him, she is fascinated by the unusual mix of qualities in this enigmatic man. Hired by a covert government agency to prepare Hunter for a dangerous mission (the details of which are withheld from her), Kathryn is appalled to discover that his memories have been erased. As she probes the secrets of his past and his present, she is both captivated and terrified by what she learns.

Hunter has survived his bizarre and hostile environment only by using his wits and repressing his emotion; yet Kathryn arouses feeling he is unable to deny. When he realizes that their relationship has put her in tremendous jeopardy, he turns his formidable abilities to protecting hereven from himself.

Each twist and turn of the plot increases the tension. In Nowhere Man, Ruth has pushed the envelope with an emotionally intense read that dips into cutting edge technology and comes up with a romance that tears at your heart strings.

Over the years, Ive discovered that I like to write about emotionally wounded heroes who find redemption through love and commitment. The stories I do best are the ones that put the reader and the characters through the wringer and reward them with an enduring love forged in the fire of adversity, Ruth says. That is the case with For Your Eyes Only, one of Ruths favorite Light Street books, which is up for RWAs RITA award for romantic suspense. Shes keeping her fingers crossed.

Ruth has two more Light Street books under contract. The intensity continues in Shattered Lullaby, Ruths next Light Street book, out in January 99, and featured in Harlequins 50th anniversary celebration. Its the story of Jessie Douglas, who falls in love with a stranger acrossa crowded roomand almost loses her life when the dangers pursuing him threaten to engulf her too.

Catch up with Ruth (both as Rebecca York and in her other incarnation as a cookbook writer).

Her website is: For a new Light Street bookmark, send a SASE to her at P.O. Box 1233, Columbia, MD 21044-0233. e-mail her at She loves to hear from readers.

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