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Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Lori Foster's Buckhorn Brothers are Back!

The problem with writing a series is that readers might not know it's a series until the second, third or even fourth book. This was the case with my Buckhorn Brothers Temptations. I've gotten more letters on these guys than any other book I've written—and often the letters include a request for information on how to obtain a brother they had missed. Only at that point these books were out of print, having quickly sold out.

Thanks to readers, though, Harlequin is reissuing all four books in two separate volumes, and the covers are fabulous! To clarify, the first volume, ONCE AND AGAIN, will have the original novels of Sawyer and Morgan, and the second volume, FOREVER AND ALWAYS, will have the original novels of Gabe and Jordan. Set side by side, the two volumes make
a complete picture.

And for all of you who've been asking for Casey, Sawyer's son (wowza, I got some frustrated letters when Casey wasn't presented right away!), you can expect CASEY on shelves in December '02 as a Harlequin single title, not a Temptation! I had originally planned to have him come out right after Jordan's tale, but those plans repeatedly changed as Harlequin worked to find the best timing for him.

As always, I love reader feedback, so if you read the brothers or CASEY, feel free to let me know what you think. You can reach me at Lori Foster, PO Box 854, Ross OH 45061—or check out my webpage at

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