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Genre: Historical Romance

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Once Upon a Midnight Moon

Fifteen years? Has it really been that long? It seems as if it was only yesterday that I sat down to write my first romance novel-with three young children underfoot, in between teaching biology and helping my husband Ed with the farming chores on our 400-acre ranch in Oklahoma.

Since that time I've developed multiple personalities and acquired the nickname "Bird Lady" because I use the pseudonyms of Carol Finch, Gina Robins, Debra Falcon and Connie Drake. I've written 6,525,000 words in the 50 books I've had published in the last 15 years. And why? Because I absolutely, positively love to write romances, romantic suspense and mysteries that are filled with humor. Writing satisfies a need that constantly demands feeding.

Once upon a midnight moon is my 50th book-and my return to historical romance. After doing three contemporary romances, I wanted to pull out all the stops for this book. This story is meant to be an entertaining romp that provides readers with a few smiles, a couple of giggles and a few hours of fun.

Micaela Rouchard is forced to make a fast getaway from New Orleans because her domineering father contracted her to marry one of the Spaniards who now rules the roost in Louisiana. Micaela takes refuge onboard an American schooner, determined to control her own life! Captain Lucien Saffire spots the stowaway at sea, and believing Micaela is a young boy embarks on a pursuit to catch the elusive waif. During the voyage Lucien finds himself facing a clever challenger and he becomes the brunt of several mischievous pranks that have him howling in frustration.

"What the hell...?" Lucien snatched his hand away and stared incredulously at the stowaway he'd captured. Never in Lucien's wildest dreams had he expected to latch onto a woman in men's clothes!

To Lucien's astonishment, the pint-sized female raced up the pyramid of barrels that filled the hold of the schooner. Lucien winced when a tumbling barrel cracked against his shin. He hit the floor with a thud and flung up both arms to protect his head from an avalanche of rolling kegs.

When Lucien staggered to his feet, the ornery ragamuffin had vanished from sight...

From New Orleans to Charles Town and back across the stormy, wind-tossed seas to New Orleans, Micaela and Lucien wage a battle of wills-and fall in love, in spite of themselves.

I hope readers enjoy this fast-paced romantic adventure featuring a willful heroine and headstrong hero. Be on the lookout for Comanche Promise, the western historical romance scheduled for release in July, 1998. And don't miss Dead in the Driver's Seat, the Connie Feddersen mystery which will be out in June of 1998!

Carol Finch/Connie Feddersen enjoys hearing from readers. She will celebrate her 50th book and 28th wedding anniversary to Ed with a romantic getaway trip as soon as they complete a second farmhouse for the kids. Send an SASE to Connie Feddersen, Rt. 1, Box 260, Union City, OK 73090, or visit her webpage at

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