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Long-distance relationships are hard enough, but authors Christina Dodd and Connie Brockway didn't let a measly 1,500 miles stop them from collaborating on a new contemporary anthology. Racking up the phone bills with "a closeness bred by the knowledge you can always hang up," the authors were inspired to write ONCE UPON A PILLOW (Pocket). "My husband actually came up with the concept," Dodd explains, "that of a beautiful, massive bed, constructed in Medieval England, and cherished within the Masterson family for generations. I told Connie, who made me promise I would let her in on the anthology. I said yes, because (don't tell her this) she writes incredibly entertaining stories loaded with wit and emotion, and her prose makes me green with envy."

Brockway returns the favor, stating that the contemporary framework the duo collaborated on was a bit of a challenge. "Let me tell you, writing like Christina ain't no walk in the park." Each talented lady wrote two historical tales in addition to the contemporary framework, spanning eight centuries of the bed's history. Opening in present-day England, the bed is on exhibit in a small museum, and a young guide named Laurel is giving a private tour for romance writers (some of whom may seem a bit familiar!), telling them stories about the bed's owners through the ages. After she relates each myth of the bed's history, the real (read: juicier) versions of the stories unfold for the reader. (Laurel's story and that of a hunky handyman is the last one in the book.) Needless to say, there won't be any snoring on this bed!

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