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Johanna Lindsey

Genre: America, Western, Historical Romance

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Whenever I write a Western romance I can’t help thinking of the times I rode horses while I was growing up in Kentucky. Although I was riding in a ring, I used to imagine being in the wide-open spaces out west in the days when people had no cars and relied on their horses to get where they wanted to go. Of course as a child, I wasn’t thinking about handsome cowboys yet! But that early introduction to horses is probably why I’m so fond of Westerns. 

I also enjoy a good clash of cultures, and in writing One Heart to Win I knew I wanted to bring an easterner to Montana so my readers could experience the West from a fresh point of view. How would a young woman who grew up in a fancy New York townhouse react to the majestic, wild western landscape and all those hot red sunsets in the big sky? How would she deal with the more easygoing people who lived far away from “proper” society? How would she cope with the hard, physical labor that was required of almost everyone who lived on a ranch?

My heroine, New York socialite Tiffany Warren, is shipped off to Montana to end a feud through marriage to the son of her father’s enemy, and she’s embarking on this journey under extremely unusual circumstances. She doesn’t know why her parents separated when she was three years old and she and her mother moved east while her brothers stayed with their father on his Montana ranch.  She doesn’t know why her father never visited her. And she has no idea of what started the feud between her family and their neighbors, the Callahans.

While Tiffany is willing to travel to Montana to at least meet her intended, Hunter Callahan, to make her mother happy, she has no desire to meet her father. Determined to do things her way, Tiffany gets herself into a situation where she will have to survive in this harsh new environment as an ordinary person (a housekeeper!) and not as a pampered heiress who gets special treatment. No, Tiffany will have to ride over dusty, bumpy roads in wagons and on horseback; she will have to do housework; and no one will be cooking for her. In fact, she will have to cook for the entire Callahan household, and she doesn’t know a thing about cooking and baking. Most disconcerting of all, she will have to deal with young men who treat young women more forthrightly than the gentlemen back east. And in Hunter Callahan Tiffany will encounter a cowboy who is full of flirtatious mischief and laughter and who will not be able to keep his hands off his family’s pretty new housekeeper. After all, he’s in no hurry to meet the snooty, fancy easterner his parents picked to be his wife!

Hope you will enjoy coming along with me on my most recent ride into the romantic days of the Old West.

-Johanna Lindsey

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