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One Lonely Night

Suppose it's your 35th birthday. Not 35 in 1997, which we all know is just the beginning of the vibrant and exciting prime of a woman's life. (That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it; my own 35th birthday is lurking just around the corner.) ...But 35 in the 1800s, when marriage in your teens was common and many women your age are becoming grandmothers. However, you've never been married, never had a child, never had a serious suitor. The last time you were even kissed was so long ago you can barely remember it.

You're all alone, facing a lifetime of one more lonely night after another. And then, fate deposits a mysterious, handsome stranger on your doorstep, the kind of man you'd given up hope of meeting years ago. What would you do? I know what I'd do-exactly what my heroine, Margaret Thayer, does.

No one will ever find out, she's certain. She'll never get another opportunity like this again. He's a drifter, this dark and intriguing man, and tomorrow he'll move on. Margaret will never see him again, never have to deal with the consequences of one single, impulsive, passionate night. Why not take the chance?

Except then he doesn't leave town.

ONE LONELY NIGHT should be showing up in your bookstores any time now. I hope you'll watch for it, because you'll find something sure to make your heart beat a little faster-and not just a really sexy hero. No, I'm talking about a bargain. Even for me, whose shopping genes are all entirely focused on books, office supplies and computer upgrades, the thought of getting a really great deal is a thrill. All this summer, Harper will be releasing nine books at the special price of $3.99. Not reprints,but brand new full-length books by terrific writers like Sharon Sala, Susan Sizemore, and Barbara Samuel. (Oh yes, and me too!) What better way to fill up a lonely summer night?

While you're in the bookstore, take a peek at Baby on the Doorstep, my first anthology, written with Lori Copeland and Cassie Edwards. A young mother's desperate act provides the common thread for all three heart-warming stories, linking the anthology together in a new and intriguing way.

I'd love to hear from you. You can write to me at: Box 828, Hopkins, MN 55343. (A business sized SASE is appreciated.) Or e-mail me at or SusanKLaw

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