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The concept for One Night Is Never Enough catapulted directly from a scene near the end of Seven Secrets of Seduction (released in 2010). When I wrote the scene between Charlotte (heroine for One Night) and Miranda (heroine from Seven Secrets), I knew Charlotte had to have her own book. I hadn't been planning it before, but her story moved right to the top of my "write now" list. 
I've always loved the "won in a card game" trope and with Charlotte's father so desperate, I decided to try my hand at it. I had been tinkering with the edges of a London mob boss type of hero for a while, inching forward, then pulling back. And I had slipped in mentions in other books about London gaming hells owned by a pair of brothers - my subconscious working on the idea but not yet committing - and the ideas combined and slid together. I wanted the "won night" to be slightly different though - for the non-consummation to be a force of the tension in the rest of the book.
During that inciting scene back in Seven Secrets, the whole vibe of Charlotte's character screamed "longing/yearning" in the back of my head. I tried to make that feeling one of the driving elements through One Night Is Never Enough. Longing, yearning, the tension between what a person wants - if that person were entirely free to choose - and what a person feels MUST be chosen. Mixed in with a hero who reaches out and takes whatever he wants – and is determined that those under his protection should be able to do the same – the push/pull was great fun to write. I hope it comes across on the page. :)

- Anne Mallory

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