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One Perfect Rose

A wise friend recently surmised that as women converse with each other to create bonds of community, they also enjoy reading books that join characters and form fictional communities. That immediately struck home because I love reading and writing books about connected characters. Perhaps that's why my Fallen Angels series began as a trilogy and ended as a septology!

The final story, One Perfect Rose, was originally published as Ballantine's first petite hardcover. Now it's blooming again, as a paperback, performing beyond my fondest hopes. Besides making The New York Times list, it was selected by The Washington Post as a notable romance, and chosen by the Romance Writers of America as a finalist for Favorite Book of the Year.

What really counts is the response from readers, and One Perfect Rose has produced some of the most moving letters I have ever received. While I was writing his brother's story, Shattered Rainbows, the Muse was very kind on the day Stephen Kenyon unexpectedly jumped off the page .

One Perfect Rose is, at heart, a simple tale. Stephen, the Duke of Ashburton, had always been a decent, responsible, conscientious nobleman who places duty before his personal desires. Then his physician tells him that in a matter of months, he will be dead.

Stunned, Stephen impulsively runs away and discovers the joy of a wonderful surrogate family, the lively Fitzgerald Traveling Theater Company; he finds the warmth and love he has always craved with their beautiful adopted daughter, Rosalind.

This is a romance, so a happy ending is guaranteed. But first, Stephen must deal with the crucial issues faced by anyone who knows that the end is near. What is the value and meaning of his life? How should he spend his remaining time? What burned bridges must be rebuilt? Most of all, what does he believe in? I hope Stephen and Rosalind's answers resonate with you.

Even knowing that they all live happily ever after, it's difficult for me to say good-bye to the Fallen Angels. I wanted to end the series on a strong, positive note, before any readers grew weary of it... (You never know-until it's too late!) I think One Perfect Rose has achieved that.

Since so many readers have asked for more about Amy, Catherine Melbourne's daughter from Shattered Rainbows, there might just be one more connected story...someday. I've told the Muse to start thinking about it, but like all muses, she's flighty and unpredictable. If she ever delivers a story that will do Amy justice, I will write it-because I can't resist forging one more link in my fictional community.

Mary Jo Putney can be contacted at: P.O. Box 243, Riderwood, MD 21139-0243 and online at or

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