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Barbara Freethy

Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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ONE TRUE LOVE is about soul mates, people who truly belong together, even if they have to triumph over enormous odds. When Lisa Alvarez receives an unexpected wedding gift (a very old baby bracelet), she knows the past is about to rear its ugly head. Having made a new life for herself, the last thing she wants to do is backtrack. But a panicked phone call from her former sister-in-law Maggie sends Lisa home to take care of Maggies children. Suddenly, she is Aunt Lisa againalongside Uncle Nick. Nick is her handsome, sexy, rugged ex-husband, the love of her life and the best friend she ever had. But Nick is also part of the nightmare that tore her family apart. She wants to forget him, but all those old feelings come back to her. She wonders if she can take another chance on love.

Excerpt: Nick Maddux was surrounded by pregnant women. Every time he turned around, he bumped into someones stomach. Muttering yet another apology, he backed into the corner of his booth at the San Diego Baby Fair and took a deep breath. He was hot, tired and proud.

His handcrafted baby furniture was the hit of the show. In some cases, it would be a challenge to have his furniture arrive before the stork, but Nick thrived on challenges and Robin Wood Designs was finally on its way to becoming a profitable business.

Nick couldnt believe how far hed come, how much hed changed.

Eight years ago, hed been twenty-five years old, working toward getting his contractors license and trying to provide for a wife and a child on the way. Hed kept at it long after theyd gone, hammering out his anger and frustration on helpless nails and boards.

Every evening he drank himself to sleep and every morning he woke up more sad than he could ever have imagined. Two years had gone by before he ran out of work, out of booze, and out of money. Finally, stone cold sober, hed realized his life was a mess.

Thats when he met Walter Mackey, a master craftsman well into his seventies but still taking joy out of carving wood. It was then Nick realized he could make something that would last forever.His life didnt have to be a series of arrivals and departures.

He had decided to focus on baby furniture, obsessed with building cradles and cribs for babies that would nurture them, keep them safe, protect them. He knew where the obsession came from, just not how to stop it.

Nick closed his eyes for a moment as the pain of the past threatened to overwhelm him and he saw her againLisa, with her round stomach and her big blue eyes and her joyous smile.

I cant believe Im having a baby, Lisa said. She took his hand and placed it on her abdomen. Feel that? Shes kicking me.

Nicks gut tightened at the fluttering kick against his fingers. It was the most incredible feeling. He couldnt begin to express the depth of his love for this unborn child, but he could show Lisa. In the middle of the baby store, he kissed her on the lips. I love you, he whispered against her mouth.

She looked into his eyes. I love you, too. More than anything. Im so happy it scares me. What if something goes wrong?

Nothing will go wrong.

Oh, Nick, things always go wrong around me. Remember our first datewe hit a parked car.

He smiled. That wasnt your fault. Im the one who wasnt paying attention.

Im the one who distracted you, she said with a worried look in her eyes.

Okay, it was your fault.


Im teasing. Dont be afraid of being happy. Its not fatal, you know. This is just the beginning for us.

It had been the beginning of the end.

I hope youll check out ONE TRUE LOVE, available this July. I enjoy hearing from readers. You can write to me at P.O. Box 304, Burlingame, CA 94011-0304.

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