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Marriage should never be entered into lightly or recklesslyor so the saying goes. Zebra Splendor historicals One WICKED NIGHT (Jan., 00) by Shelley Bradley (Left), and A SCARLET BRIDE (Feb., 00) by Sylvia McDaniel (Right) feature two heroes who may not take marriage lightly, but certainly enter into the venerable institution with a wild abandon.

Lucien Clayborne spent ONE WICKED NIGHT with Serena, believing her a woman of easy virtue. The cold London morning reveals his nameless lightskirt had been a virgin. Lucien seeks Serena out only to learn shes already wed, and is furious she deceived him. He doesnt know how desperately her elderly husband needs a child, or what he asks of his young wife to provide one. When Serenas husband is murdered and she confesses she is with child, Lucien weds her, despite the scandal. As a killer draws near, Lucien vows to protect his bridethen finds his heart has no defense against love.

In A SCARLET BRIDE, Conner Manning needs moneybadly. When Alexandra Thurston makes a home in South Carolina in the aftermath of scandal, he is intrigued. When her father offers to pay the rogue to marry the icy divorcie, he takes up the challenge. But Conner knows nothing of his brides plans to attack her ex-husband with her poison penand destroy everyone in her path. As the pair come to understand each others past betrayals and
overcome pain, both Conner and Alexandra must choose between obtaining revenge, and building a love for the future.

Shelley Bradley and Sylvia McDaniel have been friends in fiction for ten years as members of the same critique group and RWA chapter. Though they enjoy a rousing debate over a heros finer qualities and whether a heroine can ever be too brazen, they remain kindred spirits and the best of friends.

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