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Only For You

How does a woman find the perfect mate in fourteenth century Northern England? She hunts him down in the dark of night, jumps him while he's enjoying a drink with his friends, and tries to stab him. I doubt this particular form of courtship will be found in any romance rule book, but it works for the heroine in my story ONLY FOR YOU, a July release from Zebra. Saxan Honey Todd does have a good reason for trying to kill Lord Botolf Lavington-a misunderstanding that is quickly resolved. But her abrupt intrusion into Botolf's life leaves him captivated and he decides she will be his wife. Naturally, he comes to this conclusion for all the wrong reasons and must be shown the true state of his heart through a series of catastrophes and revelations.

Saxan is quite capable of leading such a somber man to that truth and in the process helps to heal his bruised heart. With her she brings a multitude of endearing but eccentric relations. A child of the land she was born to, Saxan is wild and free with the strength and courage to help Botolf fight his deadliest enemy. At the bedding ceremony following their wedding, Saxan's brother steps to the side of the bed and, at first, Saxan fears he means to halt the marriage:

But he grinned as he bent to kiss her cheek and whispered, "Go easy on the poor man, Saxan."

She burst out laughing and playfully tugged at his hair. "Wretch"

"Be happy, little one."

"I intend to be."

Lord Botolf Lavington doesn't have a chance.

ONLY FOR YOU is a tale of healing and love with danger, humor, family, and a brief appearance by a sort of helpful Scottish reiver. Every once in a while a writer has the good fortune to hit upon a cast of characters who spring to life and cause her very little trouble despite all the trials she puts them through. Such were Saxan and Botolf and their crew. I had some fun with this story and I hope my readers will too.

To everyone who has been kind enough to write to me in the past-a thousand thank yous. I apologize for not being the best of correspondents. My life has been a little crazy these past few years. The waters do appear to have grown calmer now, however, and I promise to give it my best shot. For anyone who wishes to write, please direct all correspondence to: 459 North Street, Georgetown, MA 01833-1240.

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