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Katherine Greyle

Book Title: ORACLE
Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Congratulations, Kathy, Oracles going to be a movie.

Those eight words, spoken to me in the early hours of a Sunday morning, literally changed my life.

The release of Oracle was exciting enough. Participating in the launch of a new romance publisher has been a roller-coaster ride of thrills, delays and possibilities. Oracle was beset by publishing delays and production changes all in the name of getting it just right!

Well they did get it right. Not only does the book look great, but it caught the eye of Hollywood producer Joseph Sinda. Its an amazing story. One that has to be shown on the screen! he enthused on the telephone.

Honestly, I didnt believe it at first. After all, Hollywood is the capital of broken dreams. But, step by step, I have watched the film take shape.

Fortunately, I started out in screen writing long before I made the switch to novels. They asked me to write the script, and within a short time the screenplay was winning awards of its own. Meanwhile I was having weekly casting conversations and making revision notes.

I havent spoken with any stars yetthats handled by the casting director. But I do get to talk about them, and think about meeting them and dream of working with them.

The best part is that the heart of the story remains the same. The love story sparkles, the adventure is gripping and the bad guys are creepy in the best and worst possible ways. What weve added is an awesome soundtrack, beautiful scenery and an extremely talented cast.

Still, no two-hour film can capture the textures and dimensions of a four hundred page novel. Even after writing the script I find myself coming back to the novel, enjoying what originally drew me to the story.

I loved matching Jane, a computer programmer with a wicked sense of humor, against Daken, a warrior king in a pacifist world. Readers have told me how exciting it was to guess along with Jane about her new world. Where exactly did Jane land, and how did she get there? Daken is alternately helpful and confusing as he tries to save his kingdom while dragging along a half-wit woman searching for the mythical land of Boston.

What they find is a lot more exciting than the Boston she left behind!

Readers can order Oracle through LionHearted or Let me know your casting ideas via e-mail at

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