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Female BOND-ing

Author STEPHANIE BONDs first single title offers three wives, one cheating husband, and plenty of comic chaos!

By Tara Gelsomino

Dead man leaves behind three wives. Vote for your favorite by pressing 1 for the socialite, 2 for the saint or 3 for the stripper. Its the kind of headline youd expect to see in The National Enquirer, not a Stephanie Bond book. But Bonds first single title for St. Martins Press, OUR HUSBAND, puts a funny spin on a topic most women would find unfunnybigamy!

The idea first came to me to put this normal woman in a situation thats not considered inherently funny, but to turn it around and make it funny. Stephanie adds that once her main character, the sensible Natalie, was in place, it wasnt too hard to conjure up her extreme opposites in ditzy stripper Ruby and cold socialite Beatrix. Though she admits, the stripper turned out to be smarter than I gave her credit for and Beatrix ended up loving her husband more than I thought.

As for that husband, how exactly did he manage to pull off three marriages at once? Ray was so smarmy. At first I thought Id keep him around, but he was so much better off dead. He really deserved it, Stephanie laughs, adding that the additional pressure of each woman having to work through her feelings of betrayal paved the way for female bonding and plenty of comic scenes, as the women embark on a road trip to find Raymonds killer!

The humor in my books isnt necessarily laugh-out-loud funny, Stephanie explains, noting that her series include more physical humor, while her single title has more verbal humor, but theres
a slightly off-kilter sensibility, similar to some of the other authors published by St. Martins.

Long a fan of other St. Martins authors like Janet Evanovich and Jane Heller who deliver intrigue with their quips, Stephanie decided a few years ago to take a P.I. course, which came in handy when she sat down to write OUR HUSBAND. Most of the people there were cops looking to make more money as detectives. (FYI: Stephanie passed with flying colors and even became certified on a .38 revolver.)

Readers may be surprised at the lack of a main romantic plot (there is a romantic subplot involving Natalie) and the sexy scenes shes known for in her Blaze books. In single titles, theres so much more freedom to explore other kinds of relationships. Theres a whole different basis for the humor other than hero-heroine banter, and that changes things.

However, Stephanie plans on writing at least one Harlequin book each year, while producing a couple a year or at least one every nine months for St. Martins. In fact, this month will also see the release of a Harlequin Temptation, Seeking Single Male, the sequel to It Takes A Rebel, which brings back no less than 11 characters from previous Harlequin books.

So are there any other genres she has waiting in the wings to try her hand at? If I could even categorize what Im doing right now, maybe I could answer that. But I love being able to do a little bit
of everything. If you can make the readers wonder and worry and laugh, what could be better?

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GA 30023; e-mail:

Excerpt from OUR HUSBAND

Beatrix , its Natalie, The sterile walls magnified the womans voice tenfold.

Beatrix crooked her neck and confirmed the sensible suede Hush Puppies shed noticed earlier. The woman had good taste in clothingtoo bad she couldnt say the same about her taste in men.

Do you have an extra cigarette?

Surprised, Beatrix took a quick drag and exhaled straight into the air. Do you smoke?


Beatrix smiled wrylyPerhaps if theyd met another time, in another place, under different circumstances, she and Natalie might have become friends.

The bathroom door opened, and Beatrix frowned as she recognized the annoying shuffle of wooden clogs.

Its meum, Ruby. The framework of the stalls shook, announcing shed claimed the final cubicleThat hot chocolate went straight through me, she sang, and proceeded to empty her tight little bladder. Anybody got an extra cigarette?

Does your mommy let you smoke?

She lets her strip, Natalie offered.

Good point. Beatrix withdrew another cigarette and handed it to Natalie under the stall.

She must have passed it on, since Ruby mumbled Thanks, and the snap of the weak lighter reached her ears.

Good thing theres no smoke detector, Natalie said.

One third of all smoke detectors contain dead batteries anyway, Ruby said. Will we be in trouble if they catch us smoking?

All wed have to do is explain the situation, Beatrix assured her in a dry tone. Im sure the police would ignore three firebugs in lieu of snaring a bona fide bigamist.

You mean Ray could go to jail? Rubys voice rose in alarm.

Prison, Natalie corrected.

Where the women are scarce and the men are frustrated, Beatrix added.

What if we dont press charges? Ruby asked.

Speak for yourself, Beatrix muttered.

It doesnt matter, Natalie said. The state will file charges.

Which state? Ruby asked.

Between a series of little puffs, Beatrix smiled. Hopefully,
all of them.

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