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Beth Ciotta

Book Title: OUT OF EDEN
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Dear Readers,

When I conceived the story for Out Of Eden, my April release from HQN, I knew it was going to be a wacky, intriguing mix of romance and mystery. I imagined a tortured hero, Jack Reynolds, returning to his hometown in search of reconnecting with his soul. I imagined a frustrated heroine, Kylie McGraw, desperate to escape that same hometown in order to fulfill a dream except fate intervenes time and again.     

The same day Jack takes over as the town’s new Chief of Police, Kylie vows to shake up her blah-boring life by shaking up their old fashioned town. Jack and Kylie clash on numerous occasions but they also mesh in several sexy encounters, many of them public. In a small Midwestern town where everyone knows everybody’s business, they’d naturally become the hot topic of gossip.

I instantly knew Eden (Paradise in the Heartland) and its quirky citizens were going to play a pivotal role in this romantic adventure. I needed a common thread, something that tied everyone in Eden together. I thought about the small Midwestern town I’d grown up in, Peru, Indiana (Circus Capital of the World). Every summer Peru hosts a week-long event called Circus City Festival. It’s an extremely exciting time and very important to the town. What if Eden had a similar event? And what if Kylie, in a bid to shake things up, endangered the success of that festival? But what kind of festival?

Eden. Paradise. Apples!

I had my common thread—The Apple Festival! I also had a treasure trove of material to draw on. I was surprised and amused with how many ways I incorporated apples into the story. Curious? Enjoy a sneak peek into the quirky town of Eden and Kylie’s mortifying ‘dating lessons.’   

- Beth Ciotta                

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