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Susan Lynn Crose

Book Title: OUTLAW
Genre: Historical Romance

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Hasn't it been said over and over again that you should write what you know? As the mother of two teenage boys, I took that advice to heart when I started writing WISHES.

Kate Summers is a single mother whose rebellious teenage son, Jon, is blessed (or cursed) with ESP. Her new neighbor, Daegan O'Rourke, is a mysterious cowboy who seems intent upon making their acquaintance. This sexy Montana cowboy has a past as elusive as a desert wind and though Kate senses that he's the worst kind of trouble, she can't resist his easy charm.

Daegan's purpose is to expose her for the fraud she is. With a secret past, and a deal with a rich Boston family to whom he's tied, he gets close to Kate, unwittingly inviting danger to a woman he should avoid, a woman who will only bring him heartache-a woman he's beginning to love.

WISHES is a hard-edged story of hope and fear, intrigue, passion and, of course, love. Daegan and Kate, though knowing their attraction is dangerous, cannot resist each other. DEEPEST SINS, my next sexy contemporary romance from Zebra Books is out in July '96.

My latest medieval novel, OUTLAW, will be released from Pocket Books in late November. Set in fourteenth-century Wales, OUTLAW is a story of love and magic and continues with some of the same characters that you met in Enchantress and Kiss of the Moon. Wolf's sole purpose for living is revenge against an old enemy, but when he steals that enemy's bride on her wedding day and meets Megan of Dwyrain face to face, he sees his destiny in her furious eyes. Wolf, struggling with his past, confronts his greatest challenge-that of losing his heart to Megan, a woman promised to another. Write to: Lisa Jackson, aka Susan Lynn Crose, 333 S. State St. #308, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

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