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Antonio Banderas. I have to admit, whenever the hero of THE OUTLAW AND THE LADY spoke, I heard Antonio Banderas, and I found his deep, rich voice incredibly intoxicating as it surrounded me while I wrote the story.

My heros voice is extremely important to my heroine because Angela Bainbridge is blind. His sensual voice entices Angela to trust him with her heart, but my outlaw is afraid to trust her with his appearance; he has been so cautious that no one knows what he looks like. I felt both his anguish and hers as they struggled with emotions that threatened to destroy them both.

Anyone who read Never Love A Cowboy knows Jessyes daughter, Angela, would have no choice but to be as spunky as her mother was. When she stumbles across a bank robbery while taking a midnight stroll, she finds herself abducted by the notorious outlaw Lee Raven. Its imperative to Ravens quest for revenge that no one discovers who he truly is, and when he believes this lady has seen his face, he thinks he has no choice but to take her with him.

By the time he realizes Angela didnt see him, its too late. The posse is hot on their trail and he wont risk leaving a defenseless woman behind

But Angela proves to be the daring outlaws greatest challenge.

This story will be my last set in Texasfor a while. Im taking the daughters of Fortune to Victorian England where theyll enchant the scandalous and seductive lords of London. Look for TO MARRY AN HEIRESS in the summer of 2002.

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