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Everyone has dreams, and mine was to become a writer. My intention was to go to college and study journalism. Instead, I got married and raised children. On the first day of July, my husband Jerry and I will celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary. Fifty years is a milestone worth celebrating, which is exactly what we are going to do. Of course, the births of my three children and nine grandchildren were also happy occasions.

Another milestone was having my book,
The Black Knight, appear on the NY Times extended bestseller list for two weeks in a row. Ive worked long and hard to reach
the number of readers that a best-selling honor reflects. Now that I have reached my goal, I want all of my books to continue satisfying readers.

My writing career began after two of my children left home and the third was in high school. With more time to devote to my dream, I penned my first book in longhand while sitting on the sofa watching soap operas. I called it Tender Fury. It was published by Leisure in 1984 and is still available after many reissues. I couldnt have done it without encouragement from my husband.

Being unable to type posed a problem, which I solved by taking a night course at my local high school. After the manuscript was written and typed (poorly), I sat and stared at it for a month before taking action. You see, I had no idea how to go about getting it published.

My local library proved invaluable. They had all the information I needed, including how to prepare a manuscript and where to send it. I followed instructions, and after many rejections, it was accepted and published by Leisure Books.

My April release from Leisure, THE OUTLAWS: RAFE, is the first book of a trilogy. When the Gentry brothers are falsely accused of robbing a local bank, they flee for their lives, each brother riding in a different direction to mislead their posse.

Rafe Gentry has committed many sins, but robbery and murder arent among them. Now, with a lynch mob out for his blood, he is sitting beneath the hanging tree with a rope around his neck, staring death in the faceuntil an angel steps forward to redeem him.

Sister Angela Abbot, a blond beauty traveling with a group of evangelists to escape her stepfather and a fianci she cant abide, looked into Rafe Gentrys eyes and knew he wasnt a killer. There is only one way to save the dark and dangerous outlaw with kind eyes, and Sister Angela took it. She claimed him as the fictitious fianci she was to meet in Pueblo.

But Sister Angela never anticipated that shed have to make good on her claim and actually marry the rogue. Railroaded into a hasty marriage to a man she knew nothing about
had not been her intention. After Rafes first lusty kiss, she wondered if she had made the biggest mistake of her life.

Marriage is the last thing on Rafe Gentrys mind. Wanted by the law for bank robbery, he neither wants nor needs a wife. But after Angela revealed her intention of continuing on alone to Canon City to claim her late fathers gold mine and find his killer, Rafe knew Angela was headed for big trouble and couldnt find it in his heart to abandon her just yet.

RAFE is chock-full of intrigue. On the run from the law, Rafe Gentry finds danger lurking around every corner. A never-ending list of problems must be solved before the star-crossed lovers find true happiness. Who killed Angelas father? How can Rafe clear his name? Will Angelas stepfather and real fianci interfere and cause problems? These problems and others will be solved before you turn the last page. The villains get what they deserve and true love prevails.

Readers who enjoy my love scenes will not find Rafe lacking. The passion between Rafe and Angela is stunningand wonderful.

THE OUTLAWS: JESS will follow in November 2000. Jess finds his true love when he encounters a leggy, female bounty hunter with a reputation for bringing in her man.

I love hearing from readers and answering letters. For a newsletter and bookmark, send a long SASE to Connie Mason, P.O. Box 3471, Holiday, FL 34690.

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