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Katharine Kincaid

Genre: Historical Romance

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My latest heroine, Grace Livingston, wont take no for an answer. The daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate, Amazing Grace is accustomed to getting what she wants—just by opening her purse strings. When her beloved sister, Eleanor, is captured by Comanches, Grace heads west to pay her ransom.

As wild and untamed as the mustangs he breaks for the army, Matthew Stone knows Comancheria, but refuses to serve as guide for this bossy, honey-haired easterner. Stranded alone on the plain, Grace encounters the fierce renegade Comanche, Painted Horse. He steals a kiss from her and dumps her on Matts doorstep. Matt agrees to help her—but only on his terms. She must learn to ride a horse, shoot a rifle…and sleep in his bed!

Grace is perfectly willing to sleep in his bed—so long as he isnt in it. He reminds her too much of Painted Horse, whose savage kiss she can never forget.

Panic awoke her: someone was crawling into bed beside her!…Grace sprang into action. Kicking, clawing, biting, and pummeling her intruder, she shrieked at the top of her lungs. The lively scuffle soon ended. He pinned her hands to the pillow by her head, his body holding her immobile.

"Settle down, Boston. Its only me."

"You! What are you doing here—get off me! I cant breathe."

Mr. Stone eased to one side but kept one leg over her legs. "I live here, remember? What are you doing in my bed?"

Grace was mortified. "When you didnt appear by sunset, I thought you werent coming tonight."

He stirred—sliding his leg along hers and settling an arm across her waist. "Well, Im here now—scratched, battered, bleeding. My compliments, Boston. A Comanche squaw couldnt have fought any better."

"I…I didnt mean to hurt you."

"Really? I thought you meant to kill me—or ravish me. For a minute there, I couldnt decide which."

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