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Dukes did not paint.

Yet Kasey, the Duke of Caswell, did, hiding his hobby, and his genius, in a love nest.

When his mistress went home, he went to the attic and painted. One night, though, his newest nude portraithis masterpiecespoke back to him:

Dumbfounded, Kasey asked, What are you, a ghost?

When she finally deigned to answer, it was to say, Why, Im a pigment of your imagination, of course.

Dont you mean figment?

If I had figs, Id have said figs, you top-lofty, turnip-headed Tintoretto. Im a painting, arent I? A pigment of your imagination. Your dream, your ideal, your hearts desire, on a canvas.

A painting that speaks?

Not your average Regency Romance, right?


If you have not read a Regency recently, youre in for a surprise. Regencies these days are not just drawing room comedies or historical costume romances. They are full of creative wonder, with ghosts and gods, spies and smugglers, time travel and traditionals, talking dogs, talking mice and now talking pictures.

In other words, anything goes. We even have that important three-letter word no one ever has enough of.

No, not that word, although todays Regencies can be sweet or steamy, and anywhere in between. The important ingredient is f-u-n.

Try a Regency, and enjoy.

If youd like to talk to me about Regencies, or anything else, visit me and my Hero at my website:

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