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Paper Tiger

Readers of Paper Roses (Topaz, March '95) have already met the eighteen-year-old Daniel Mulloney, who nearly blew up the town of Mineral Springs, Texas. In Paper Tiger, Daniel is back, but it's ten years later and he's now an investigative reporter, an author of dime novels, and a skilled gunman. Having decided that if he's ever going to settle down he needs to find the family he's never known, Daniel makes the mistake of returning to Ohio to investigate the wealthy family that abandoned him at birth.

A Texas cowboy complete with six-guns and Stetson does not go unnoticed in a staid Victorian town like Cutlerville. Daniel gathers even more attention when his newspaper exposes the scandalous money-making schemes of his family. But when he hires Georgina Hanover, his brother's fiance, as a photographer to help him in his cause, Daniel attracts more than attention. He attracts the animosity of two wealthy, powerful families, one of which is his own. When Georgina rebels against her family's restrictions, Daniel finds himself at the point of a shotgun marrying this willful blonde beauty with a penchant for anarchy.

Undismayed by swapping her luxurious family home for the empty warehouse of Daniel's newspaper office, Georgina merrily tackles all the town's problems one-by-one-and sometimes three at a time-embroiling Daniel in even hotter water than he's already in. When Daniel finds himself chasing locomotives across Ohio cornfields to rescue Georgina from her father, he discovers he has more trouble than he can handle just dealing with his wife. Of course, he hasn't yet realized she's quite capable of making a circus parade out of a rent eviction, or turning a Fourth of July celebration into a War of Independence.

I'll leave the reader to discover how Daniel and Georgina finally solve their problems without destroying the entire town of Cutlerville in the process. I just hope everyone enjoys Daniel and his bride enough to want to find out how Daniel's financier brother, Peter, discovers true love from a Texas jail in Paper Moon, coming from Topaz in March '96.

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