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During the first thirteen years of my career, I concentrated on writing mostly about American settings. In my eighteen previous books for Zebra, I wrote about spies in the American Revolution, Mississippi River steamboat captains, secret agents for the government, pirates, Indians and half-breed gunfighters. It seemed I'd done a little of everything...except Vikings.

With the creation of my new hero Brage, also known as the Black Hawk, I can now add Norsemen to my list. Brage is a fearless warrior who is admired by all...well, almost all. While on a raid, he is betrayed by one of his own and taken prisoner by the Saxons. Brage and my Saxon heroine, Dynna, are sworn enemies, yet they must bond together to escape the terrible fate that awaits them at the hands of the cruel Saxon lord. Don't miss their breathtaking adventure!

Lightning flashed across the night sky, and thunder, deep and ominous, rumbled across the land. The old woman stared out into the darkness. He would be coming soon, just as he had in the past. She was sure of it.

He appeared before her then, this handsome, blue-eyed Viking, whose black hair inherited from his captive mother, had set him apart from the others and earned him the name of the Black Hawk. He was a magnificent warrior, his reputation for courage and honor unmatched by any other...

"You would have me read the runes for you?" she asked.

He nodded. "I sail with the new moon."

She went to spread the white cloth over the table. Taking up the prophetic stones, she cast them upon the cloth and stared at them in silence.

"What do they say, old woman? Will my raid succeed? Will I claim the prize I seek?"

Her blue eyes were glittering with the secrets of the ages as she lifted her gaze to him. "You will get far more than you bargained for, my handsome one. Oh, yes, far more...There will be danger. Blood will be shed. False words will be spoken. But a treasure of great value awaits you at the end of your journey."

As she made the last pronouncement, lightning once more ripped across the heavens. The ground trembled and a heavy roll of thunder followed in its wake.

"The prize will be a glorious one?" he asked, smiling.

"More precious than any you have claimed before."

He nodded, then paid her and left.

As she watched him go, she wondered if he would survive the treachery that awaited him.

Elaine Barbieri, Constance O'Banyon and I are touring in Texas in September to promote our fall books. (See page 27 for details.)

In 1996, watch for my Angel short story in the Cupid's Kiss anthology from Leisure in February, and my first official Leisure historical Lady Deception in April. This story is a fun romp about a female bounty hunter. I think you're going to like it.

Write to me at P.O. Box 6117, St. Charles, MO 63302-6117.

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