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Eboni Snoe

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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The Passion Ruby

With my first book, Beguiled, in its third printing, I couldn't be more excited. Now I'm giving you more romance, mysticism, and adventure in The PASSION RUBY! It's the first book of three in my Gem Stone Collection.

Nature shop owner Sienna Russell is forced to meet her destiny which involves a gem, The Passion Ruby, and a virile, secretive man named Hennessy "Hawk" Jackson.

Hawk's eyes appeared to smolder as he watched her, giving Sienna a glimpse of the intensity of the force that compelled him. Suddenly, a part of her wanted to hear him say it was simply she whom he wanted, for she had no doubt the force of his love would be a hundred times as great as what she witnessed now. Sienna knew she had never before been loved by or known a man like Hawk, and the thought of being engulfed by such a force was an intoxicating elixir.

But she dashed the thought away as soon as it surfaced. She had known this man for less than twenty-four hours.

"All right. Last night you told me you had the skill, expertise, and knowledge that I will need in order to meet this thing head-on. William has my friend, Dawn"-Sienna pointed to the recorder. "This is a person who would never do anything to hurt anybody, and she is in danger because of me. He has given me seven days to find the ruby and bring it to him. I'll do whatever he says as long as he sets her free."

Time seemed to stand still as they stood, almost touching. Hawk's gaze trailed from her eyes, lingering on her mouth. Trying to escape the hot, liquidy sensation that was beginning to move inside her, Sienna looked away, hiding her eyes beneath her thick, curly lashes. She could feel the heat of emotion rising to her face and she stepped away, turning her back. Too much was happening, too fast...too soon.

I hope you'll keep an eye out for my next book in the series (tentatively titled) An Emerald's Fire, in late '96. I love to hear from readers! Write to me at: P.O. Box 11425, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-1425. SASE appreciated.

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