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Want to know what goes on behind the story? Here are some behind-the-scenes tidbits from The Peach Keeper:

• My original title for The Peach Keeper was God Eats Peaches, which I took from the old saying, “When God eats peaches, He saves the pit.” I had a cousin who would never throw away a peach pit based on that saying. She thought it was bad luck. My family is full of strange Southern superstitions. My great-aunt never liked for company to come in through one door and leave through another because she said that meant the preacher would visit.

• The town of Walls of Water in the story is based on the many small towns of Transylvania County in Western North Carolina. This county has more waterfalls than any other place in the state and is known as The Land of Waterfalls. Incidentally, Western North Carolina is home to over a thousand waterfalls.

• Despite the many coffee references in The Peach Keeper, I don't really like the taste of coffee -- although I do think it has the most amazing scent.

• When I was writing The Peach Keeper, I knew the name Paxton Osgood sounded familiar. I Googled it and realized it's a name from the sit-com The Golden Girls (Season 1, Episode 16 "The Truth Will Out"). I decided to keep the name in the book as an homage to all those late nights writing with the TV on in the background.

• The mysterious birds mentioned in The Peach Keeper are goldfinches, and I later discovered a superstition about them being harbingers of ghosts and that worked perfectly with the story, but, honestly, I chose them based on this: "The American Goldfinch has a song that often repeats and sounds like 'Potato chip! Potato chip!'" I knew that this was my kind of bird.

- Sarah Addison Allen

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