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Elizabeth Lowell

Book Title: PEARL COVE
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Imagine black pearls as big as marbles, mysterious pearls that look like rainbows shimmering inside midnight crystal.

These are gems to die forand Ive written a novel to go with them.

All my life Ive loved novels that revolve around a man, a woman, danger, and an object that is rare and beautiful. The idea for Pearl Cove came to me when I first saw a necklace of black pearls. The pearls were incredible: silky, gleaming, exotic, mysterious. A thousand years ago they would have been worshipped. Today, they are an object of envy and desire, staus and wealth.

What would happen if someone developed a new strain of South Seas pearls, one that looked like rainbows caught in black crystal? What if that someone assembled a three-strand necklace of these extraordinary, unique gems?

Just the thing to cause a lot of trouble.

I had my rare and beautiful object. I had danger. All I needed was a man and a woman to equal the black rainbow pearls of my imagination. After a time, I settled on Archer Donovan, the oldest of the Donovan brothers. He was a pearl connoisseur, a specialist with an international reputation and a past he never talked about. He was as darkly fascinating as the black pearls themselves. And as dangerous.

Now I had to find his match, his mate, a woman who wouldnt flinch from Archers past. So I went into his past, digging down and down until I uncovered some secrets: Hannah McGarry, a fabulous necklace called the Black Trinity, a pearl farm in Western Australia, and extraordinary new pearls known as black rainbows, The key to controlling the South Seas pearl market.

In a word, deadly.

Finally, I had my book.

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Excerpt from PEARL COVE

Archer Donovan wasnt easily surprised. It was a hangover from his previous line of work when surprised men often ended up dead. Yet the unique, peacock-and-rainbow radiance of the teardrop black pearl Teddy Yamagata was holding out did more than surprise Archer. It shocked him. He hadnt seen a pearl with such color for seven years.

That particular pearl had been clutched in a dead mans hand. Or nearly dead. Archer had fought his way through the riot in time to pull his half-brother out of the mess and get him to a hospital.

Long ago, far away, in another country.

Archer had done everything in his power to bury that part of his past. But he had learned the hard way that no matter how determined he was, his previous undercover life had a nasty habit of popping up and casting shadows on his present civilian life. The proof of it was gleaming
on the palm of Teddy Yamagata, Hawaiis foremost pearl collector and trader. He had flown to Seattle with a case full of special pearls to show Archer.

Unusual color, Archer said neutrally.

Peering throguh the thick, blended lenses of his glasses, Teddy measured the expression of the man who was a sometime competitor in the pearl trade, an occasional client, and an invariably reliable appraiser. If Archer was particularly interested in the tear-shaped black pearl, nothing showed on his face.

What do you think of the pearl?

South Sea, maybe fourteen millimeters, teardrop, unblemished surface, fine orient.

Fine? Teddy hooted. His black eyes nearly vanished into lines of laughter. Its goddamn spectacular and you know it! Its likelike
Molten rainbows under black ice.

Teddys thin black eyebrows shot up and he pounced. You do like it. Whats the pearl worth?

Where did you get it?

From a man who got it from a woman who got it from a man in Kowloon, who supposedly got it from someone in Tahiti. Ive looked for that man for six months. Teddy shook his head emphatically. Hes not there.
But if you buy the pearl, Ill give you names.

Are there more?

I was hoping you could tell me.

Ill bet you were.

Archer looked at the stainless steel clock his father had brought back from Germany. Two oclock in Seattle. Wednesday afternoon. Autumn closing in on winter.

Where the pearl had come from, it was early morning. Thursday. Spring closing in on summer.

What went wrong, Len? Archer asked silently. Why, after seven years, are you selling your unique Pearl Cove gems?

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