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Jaime Rush

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

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Extrasensory Rush


Although her new series probes psychic depths, Tina Wainscott says she's never had an extrasensory experience. But there have been some ... intuitions. Take, for example, Jaime Rush, the pseudonym the romantic suspense author is using for her freshly launched Offspring series. (Book one, A Perfect Darkness, releases from Avon this month.) "I was trying to come up with all these names that had good alliteration and different syllables, and Jaime Rush kept coming back to me," says the Floridian author, who's contracted for three books but plans for more. "After I decided I was going to go with it, I realized that in my first published book the hero was named 'Jamie,' and in my last one the hero was named 'Rush.' So it was totally subconscious." (The spelling change came about because of domain-name accessibility.)

Then there was the time that a voice kept telling Wainscott, then a 19-year-old temp, that she would own an expensive Toyota Supra. She didn't know how that could happen, then she heard that a radio station was sponsoring a contest in which the person who kept their hand on a Supra for the longest time would win it. Voila! Wainscott was selected to take part and, three sleepless days later, the car was hers. "It's like my crazy accomplishment," she laughs. "I just knew I was going to win this car because I knew I was going to own one, and this was the only way it was going to happen."

Wainscott is somewhat cryptic about the genesis of her series, her first after 14 stand-alone novels. It centers on a group of hunted young adults known as the Offspring, and in book one, one of them calls on Amy Shane for help. Finding him means using the psychic ability she detests, but heart and life depend on it. "I was thinking of Luke and Laura from General Hospital," Wainscott says, adding that the characters will appear in future books. "Theirs was a grand love affair, and they continue to have ups and downs."

-- Diane Snyder

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