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Christina Skye

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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I love weddingsespecially a wedding that takes place within the
pages of a book.

Nothing stirs up more emotions than a radiant bride and a drop-dead gorgeous groom, especially when hes wearing a kilt!

The fact is, my hero and heroine deserved the biggest, noisiest, most magical wedding in the world after all the harrowing dangers they endure in THE PERFECT GIFT.

And Adrian, the abbeys guardian ghost, was so taken with the idea that he promised to behave most properly.

For once.

I knew that he approved when I smelled roses in the air just as I finished the last line of the book.

So I wrote THE PERFECT GIFT as a special present to hopeless romantics everywhere. Yes, that includes me and the ghostly Adrian.

Cant you smell the roses now?

Fans can write to Christina c/o Avon Books, 1350 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10019, or e-mail her at


Nice hotel. Jared studied the plaster dangling from the elevator ceiling.

A section of the elevator door was missing and Maggie watched in sickening fascination as the floors lurched past, inches away. She was nearly dead on her feet.

Jared, on the other hand, seemed to look more composed and controlled with every passing second. It was downright galling how good he looked with his evening jacket slung over one shoulder and the stray puppy
snoring comfortably under his arm.

The elevator rumbled to a halt at the sixth floor and Jared heaved open the door. The hallway was dark as he eased Max closer and took a protective grip on her arm. Stay behind me.

I highly doubt that a team of wild-eyed assassins is going to jump us between here and my room. Punchy with exhaustion, Maggie dug in the mud-splattered pocket of her handbag for the room key, and stumbled, landing on a shoe that was missing its heel.

Jared grasped her elbow. Better?

Just perfect. Actually, I enjoy being pursued and arrested. All in all, its been a fascinating evening.

His fingers opened over her wrist. Im serious. How are you holding up?

Maggie blinked, suddenly struck by the odd sensation that he wasreading her somehow.

She pulled away and jammed her key into the lock. Theres nothing wrong that a hot shower and a decent nights sleep wont cure. The door opened with a creak. In fact, I intend to take care of both just as soon as I

She stopped, frozen.

One by one, tiny details began to sink in.

Her closet door wasnt quite closed and her hair brush had been moved. The phone directory on her desk was face up, instead of face down as shed left it.

Fear rocked her in cold waves. The room. Everythings wrong. Someonesbeen in here.

Jared measured the room quickly, expertly, as if assessing a threat. As he did, he stepped in front of Maggie.

To protect her, she thought. Using his own body as a shield.

Be sure to visit my website,, and take the haunted abbey tour. Adrian and Gideon, his faithful cat companion, will be there waiting for you!

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