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Olga Bicos

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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What type of person risks death in the name of having fun? According to Olga Bicos, someone who is desperately trying to turn off the noise in his head. The feisty red-headed author and I were actually discussing why her husband chose to take up flying lessons. She explains that even though she is a self-proclaimed chicken, she agreed to accompany the love of her life on his first solo excursion. What I couldnt fathom, though, is why he chose a two-seater tailwheel, a plane specifically designed for aerobatics! she gasps. Plus, I was four months pregnant; it was more like being on a bicycle with nothing but a thin coat of plastic between us and the clear blue sky.

The family now travels together on commercial flights. Olga and her two children visit their father when hes on temporary assignment. In fact, I interviewed Ms. Bicos while she was visiting Seattle for a week, away from her California home. She described her latest novel, PERFECT TIMING, about three individuals, two men and a woman, who, as a matter of fact, survive a plane crash.

The plot only thickens from there, however, Olga explains. Ironically, one of the survivors is a public relations spokeswoman for a small airline contractor, and is a fine example of the human ability to move on from a traumatic experience. Not only does Cherish, the heroine, endure the horrific aftermath of being pulled from barbequed wreckage, but also that of being left at the altar. After the crash, Cherish and the pilot of the downed aircraft are swept away on a whirlwind romance. They are engaged to be married within a matter of weeks, but Cherish is left holding the bouquet.

Olga interjects with, Before the reader can make a snap judgement about Conor, I must relay that hes a man who has always been responsible. He may appear a bit angry, gruff and mean, but the truth is that his issues involve keeping all of his emotions on the inside. Thats the opposite end of the spectrum from Cherish, the woman who has a thought in her head and in the next instant, lets it seep from her lipsoften to her dismay.

And of course, geometry requires that with any love triangle, a third party must be involved. That would be Alec, the third survivor of the harrowing episode. Alec professed his undying love to Cherish on the day of her forsaken ceremony. But is there an underlying reason for his affection?

The research that was put into the drafts of this book certainly paved a creditable foundation on which the stones of interpersonal relationships were laid. Before her year of perfecting the chapters, Olga Bicos did her flight homework. She interviewed an engineer who formerly flew a jet for the Air Force. He was one of the fighters who lived through ejection from an F-4, Ms. Bicos explains. He was very open and offered a dramatic account of the entire ordeal. Evidently pleased, she offers, Hes become aware of his vulnerability and now flies cargo jets.

Although research for her novels takes Olga clear across the country and to international destinations, PERFECT TIMING is set on familiar turf: Southern California. Not only was she near the offices of MacDonald-Douglas for fact checking, but also in close proximity to the glorious beaches of the Pacific shoreline.

Now dont get me wrong, its not as if Olga Bicos packs a picnic basket and suntan lotion and heads down to bask on the beach, jotting down a couple of sentences every hour or so. She does admit there are fringe benefits to the locale.

The other day I needed to come up with a title for my latest book, so I had lunch with a fellow romance writer. Its incredible what a little salt air, some sunshine and a couple of margaritas will do for the creative process.

The congregation of talent in the Orange County chapter of Romance Writers of America is remarkable. The list of well-known names includes Suzanne Forster, Jill Marie Landis, Meryl Sawyer and Barbara Benedict, all encouraging one another while adding a dose of constructive criticism.

Its the push-me/pull-you balance that is so integral in any successful relationship, Ms. Bicos proclaims. She adds that women, as a whole, have an enormous amount of faith in love and in happy endings, even when experiencing resistance. But, she adds, What counts the most is PERFECT TIMING.

To contact Olga Bicos, please write to her at 16835 Algonquin #179, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

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