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Now that the future is finally here, it seems that the past is even more appealing. Each month a bevy of books transports readers to days gone by, where they can escape (via a formidable heroine) back into the once wilds of America or mystical, medieval lands of castles and knights riding fiery steeds—sans the Internet, blasting cell phones, or television!

Americana for June

In order to escape one kind of life, sometimes women had to take enormous risks, which included entering into a marriage agreement by proxy. In THE PERFECT WIFE, Mary Burton offers a fun twist on the historically accurate mail-order-bride plot. Jenna Winslow, purchases the newest advice book on household management and forfeits her tea parties to become a prairie wife so that she may protect her young niece from family scandals. When she meets Rowe Mercer, there's no turning back, but is moving forward possible?

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