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Petticoats and Pistols

News Flash!

Miss Whittaker Spends The Night In The Slammer.

Miss Kate Whittaker was hauled off to jail for "d'sturbin' the peace" after her newfangled boiler blew a hole in her roof and shook the town of Hogs Head to its very grass roots.

Disgruntled farmers report that Miss Whittaker's latest invention has caused cows and chickens to collapse in a state of nervous exhaustion.

Reacting to the news, seamstress Thelma Paine lambasted Miss Whittaker and her latest antics: "If that woman don't stop blowing up things, she ain't never gonna get herself a husband!"

Petticoats and Pistols is my fourth historical for Topaz Books. The idea came after reading a book about women inventors in the 1800s. Women invented everything imaginable, from street cleaners to windshield wipers. Of course none of this was general knowledge until recently. Back then, a married woman had no choice but to apply for a patent under her husband's name and a single woman had to relinquish her patent to her husband upon marriage. This practice became the inspiration for the heroine of my book, inventor Kate Whittaker. Kate has no intention of marrying anyone and jeopardizing her hard-earned patent! Of course, she never expects to meet such an enterprising man as Jonas Hunter-nor he such a vexing and stubborn woman!

News Flash!

Miss Whittaker Knocks Man Off His Feet!

Mr. Jonas Hunter barely escaped with his life, yesterday, after calling on Miss Kate Whittaker. It seems her newfangled burglar alarm went haywire, sending Mr. Hunter flying through the air.

As Mr. Hunter was being hauled away, he said it was the first time a woman had literally knocked him off his feet.

Jonas Hunter has no problem with women inventors. Who better than a woman to invent household products? But Kate has done the unthinkable; she's stolen his idea! How else can you explain how two people living miles apart applied for a patent on the same invention? Kate's bold behavior perplexes him until he discovers she's rigged her house with electricity. He's convinced that women have gotten more wild and aggressive since Edison invented his incandescent light bulb. Electricity is definitely doing something to the female brain!

The plan to marry her and win the patent for himself backfires when Jonas Hunter discovers Kate has stolen something much more valuable than a patent-she's stolen his heart.

I hope you like the rollicking antics of these two inventors and the eccentric though lovable characters of Hogs Head, Indiana. Thank you for your great letters. If you would like an autographed bookplate, please send a #10 SASE to me: P.O. Box 4528, Simi Valley, CA 93093-4528.

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