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Eugenia Riley

Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Ever felt as if you belonged somewhere else?

In 1992, when my first time-travel romance, A Tryst in Time, was published, I posed a timid question to my readers: "Would you like to see more time-travel books from me?"

The results were staggering. Letters poured in, some from locales as far-flung as Belgium, Morocco, Korea and Brazil. I heard from so many women who felt like my heroine, as if they belonged in a simpler time, with a dashing hero able to fulfill all of their romantic dreams. This, I believe, is the true appeal of time-travel, which transports our romantic imaginations into a new dimension where even time itself is overcome to bring two souls together.

In Phantom In Time, I have taken this fantasy to a delicious new level: What could be sexier than the idea of a lusty ghost haunting an old opera house?

My heroine, Bella De La Rosa, joins the chorus of the St. Charles Opera House in New Orleans to please a dying grandmother; Bella has a diva's voice, but stage fright has kept her from becoming a star. From her first moments at the theater, Bella is wooed by the ghost of a handsome tenor murdered onstage a century ago; she hears the phantom's glorious voice, beckoning her to him. Soon Bella is seduced back in time to meet Jacques LeFevre as a real man, a dashing rogue determined to win her heart. Yet the two can never share their destiny together unless Bella can overcome her own fear, embrace her passion for Jacques and for opera and save him from a determined assassin.

Please don't miss Phantom In Time, which I promise will provide more than a few delightful surprises!


Please write and tell me why you love time-travel! Write to P.O. Box 840526 Houston, TX 77284-0526. Free bookmarks for PHANTOM IN TIME and TIMESWEPT BRIDE available. SASE appreciated.


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