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A good swashbuckler is among my favorite kind of stories. When I wrote PIRATE, I decided to use settings I was I was very familiar with. In the twenty years Ive lived in Florida, Ive visited Sanibel and Captiva Islands many timesin fact, I go shelling there every year. Ive also visited Gasparilla Island, Pine Island and Marco Island.

Theories differ on whether or not Gasparilla the pirate really existed. His exploits are narrated in many books, and Ive even found copies of letters written by real people in history enumerating his vicious attacks. But there are still those who say that Gasparilla and his exploits were made up by an old sailor who settled on Pine Island and claimed to be the evil priates cabin boy.

Gasparilla is mainly reputed to have attacked Spanish ships sailing in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, but legend has it that ships bound for all countries fell prey to his buccaneers. They say that Gasparilla held his prominent women prisoners in a stockade on Captiva Island until their ransom arrived—others werent so lucky… The hero in my story, Guy DeYoung, was one of Gasparillas most trusted lieutenants.

A duel over the woman he loved, fought beneath the Dueling Oaks in New Orleans, cost Guy DeYoung dearly. Devastated by his loves betrayal, and nearly destroyed by the assassin who took his eye and left him for dead, Guy DeYoung was reborn as a man with no name. Aided by the Lafitte brothers, he joins the Brotherhood and eventually becomes Gasparillas right hand man. In time he earns a reputation as being the most feared of all pirates sailing the seas. The Brotherhood knows him as Hunter, a man determined to ruin those who took away his freedom and his love. By a twist of fate, Bliss Grenville falls into Hunters clutches when Gasparilla captures her ship and imprisons her on Captiva Island to await ransom.

Though Bliss recognizes many familiar traits in Hunter the buccaneer, she fails to see him as Guy DeYoung, the man she once loved and now believes is dead. But Hunter knows that Bliss is the woman who betrayed him. Intent upon revenge, Hunter whisks Bliss off to his own island paradise, raising the ire of Gasparilla, who had ordered Hunter to return Bliss to her family and collect her ransom.

Well everyone knows how romantic soft tropical nights can be… Sometime during those endless nights, Hunters lust for vengeance becomes an uncontrollable desire for the woman he assumed had betrayed him.

I couldnt begin to tell you all the twists and turns in PIRATE, and it would only spoil your enjoyment if I did. Youll just have to find out for yourself. I can tell you, though, that Blisss fiancé makes an outrageous villain—one youll be happy to see vanquished. The evil machinations of Blisss father and a search for a missing child makes PIRATE more than just a captor/captive story.

My next book, DESPERADO JONES, is slated for a July 99 release. For those readers who love Western Romances, and even those who dont, this one has something in it for everyone. DESPERADO JONES is one of the most endearing heroes I have ever created.

I enjoy hearing from readers. I will be moving soon to Floridas Gulf coast, so if youd like a newsletter and bookmark, please direct your letters to me c/o Leisure Books, 276 Fifth Ave.Room 1008, New York, NY 10001. Please enclose a legal-sized SASE. You can also send e-mail to and please visit my website at

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