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Amy Clipston

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational

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A Place of Peace is the third book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series. The series is available with Zondervan and features an Amish family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Book #1, A Gift of Grace, debuted in 2009, and A Promise of Hope, Book #2, came out in May 2010. Throughout the series, the women in the books work in the fictional Kauffman Amish Bakery, which is located in Bird-in-Hand, while most of the men are carpenters who work at the fictional Kauffman & Yoder Furniture Store. All of the books in the series feature authentic Amish recipes too.

My fascination with the Amish culture began when I was very young after my father told me that the Amish speak the same dialect as my German relatives. I visited Lancaster as a child, and I’ve enjoyed researching and writing books about Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. An Amish friend who lives there reads my books and helps me with research.

Although I cherish all of my books, A Place of Peace is the book of my heart. The story features Timothy Kauffman, who is a minor character in A Promise of Hope, which is the story of Sarah Rose Troyer, Timothy’s sister. In that book, you’ll find out that Timothy is deeply wounded by his failed relationship with Miriam Lapp, his former fiancée who left their community and moved to Indiana without any explanation. Timothy’s heartache spills over into his sister Sarah Rose’s story. Due to his regret, he’s jaded and lets those feelings interfere in Sarah Rose’s life. In A Promise of Hope, Timothy was a very negative character, and I felt that he needed to be redeemed and his story needed to be told. Therefore, he was my initial inspiration for A Place of Peace.

Timothy's book came somewhere from deep inside me and was inspired by stories of reconciliation that I have read or seen played out in movies throughout my life. I’ve always loved a good romance, and the more tangled and emotional the story is, the more engrossed in it I become. In A Place of Peace, Miriam and Timothy are reunited after Miriam’s mother dies and she returns to Bird-in-Hand. Their journey toward reconciliation involves many complications, surprises, twists, and turns.

The piece of the story that is particularly special to me is the subplot of Miriam’s niece who needs a liver transplant. I’m very passionate about organ donation since my husband is on dialysis and awaiting a second kidney transplant. My husband received a kidney from his brother in 2004 and it failed after only four years. He’s been back on dialysis since July 2008 and is awaiting a matching kidney. I hope that the story of Miriam’s niece touches the hearts of readers and brings organ donation to the forefront of their minds.

I hope that readers enjoy A Place of Peace. This book is also special to be because I was able to dedicate it to my father, who passed away in October; this book is my way of honoring his memory. I’m thankful that he led me to Amish research and he supported my dream of seeing my name on the cover of a book.

- Amy Clipston

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