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Ryan Brown

Book Title: PLAY DEAD
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

The idea for Play Dead came to me around the time that the steroid scandals in professional sports really began to break with alarming frequency. Many of the athletes found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs claimed that they had done so in order to remain competitive with the other users on the field. This (frightening) notion planted the seed for Play Dead - it takes monsters to fight monsters. From there, I considered what type of 'monsters' could actually be competitive against the most juiced-up football team I could imagine? Zombies, of course!  

I really got excited about the idea of a zombie football team being the good guys ... the team to cheer for. I also had a lot of fun playing on the idea that, at least on paper, zombies make perfect football players. They have no fear; they feel no pain, and they are driven by a singular focus - victory. They also make sure to eat plenty of ... um ... well, perhaps protein would be the most appropriate word.  I thought the idea would resonate even more if I placed it in a high school setting. It seemed like a given to set the book in Texas, where high school football really does seem like life or death. It also happens to be my home state, so I felt like I really knew the territory.

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