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Nina Bangs

Genre: Paranormal, Historical Romance

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Nina Bangs Thrills Readers With THE PLEASURE MASTER

Everyone has them, those it-doesnt-get-any-better-than-this moments in their lives, and I've had my share. I've sung in Irish pubs, raised Arabian horses, and experienced the thrill of selling my first book. But when the sexiest man in the world introduced himself, you know, it really doesnt get any better than this.

The Pleasure Master is a man who knows the secrets of a womans body, who can bring her sensual joy and fulfill her deepest sexual fantasies. Is there a woman alive who wouldn't want to meet him?

Check New York hairdresser Kathy Bartlett off your list. She has enough problems with an ex-husband whos suing her because she couldn't reach sexual nirvana with him and a car that's stranded her on Christmas Eve. Kathy doesnt see much difference between men and cars. Both overheat at the wrong time. She needs a vacation: somewhere warm and peaceful, with only subservient males.

Whoever is in charge of wish fulfillment doesn't listen well, because Kathy is flung back to 1542 Scotland. It's cold, not peaceful, with nary a subservient male in sight. There's only Ian Ross, The Pleasure Master.

Ian's brothers demand that he prove his sexual power by seducing a woman no other man can seduce. Who better than Kathy? She has nothing but contempt for Ian, and as Ian's brothers have discovered, any attempt to woo the lass could put a mans most precious body parts in grevious danger.

Ian is confident he can seduce this woman as he has so many others, then leave her with his emotions untouched. But Kathy remains determined to resist the explosive attraction she feels for Ian.

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